Top 5 cutest and most beautiful doll toys (Part 3)

Baby alive dolls

Baby Alive is a line of doll toys for impersonating games by Hasbro, one of the world’s largest toy manufacturing companies based in the US. Hasbro is a toy manufacturing company founded in 1923 by brothers Henry and Helal Hassenfeld in the US, currently own famous brands such as Play Doh, G.I.Joe, Tranformers, Strawberry Shotcake…. Baby Alive is a line of dolls and accessories that allow children to learn, explore and practice real-life tasks and dolls such as nursing, changing diapers, brushing teeth, caring for sick children, take care of scratched babies, … GlassDigital Co., Ltd. ( currently distributes genuine products of Baby Alive.

Baby Alive brings love and joy to girls through realistic experience of love, anxiety, and care during doll care in various role-playing situations. Babies will grow up a lot by playing this wonderful line of baby-playing baby toys.

Winx Dolls

The Winx Club (Beautiful Winx fairies or Magical princess or Beautiful Winx fairies) is an Italian animated series created in 2004 by Iginio Straffi and produced by Rainbow Srl. statues of children aged 6 to 14 years old. It is considered a film shock, creating great success and contributing to the Italian cinema and animation industry on the international arena.

Winx Dolls are a great gift for the little princesses of your family when designing lovely fairies in striking outfits. It could be a short-haired fairy in a unique rainbow dress, a red-haired fairy with graceful multi-layered lace skirts, a blonde fairy with a cute pink princess dress, a brown-skinned fairy with a modern blue skirt. or the beautiful braided blue-haired fairy. The fairies put on colorful wings, adding a branch of vines on their unique legs that will make your baby passionate about exploring.

Winx Doll is made of high quality plastic materials, durable and does not contain BPA, so it is safe for your baby’s health. Doll’s clothes are made of durable fabric that does not irritate the skin so it is safe for your baby’s health.

Babies can play as relatives to care for Doll from clothes, shoes to hair so that the doll is always beautiful and neat as babies. Thereby, the baby will become more skillful. Children can also share dolls with sad and happy stories in life to be comfortable and happy every day.