What is Kumanthong? How was the Kumathong doll created? (Part 2)

Is raising Kuman thong good?

Kumanthong is actually not bad in nature because the main purpose of the monks to create Kumanthongs is to have a place for the children to take refuge, and a place for the children to be reborn again. So when you are raising Kumanthong it also means that you are doing good deeds. When you raise Kumanthong, you are giving the Kumanthong good karma, doing good deeds to have the opportunity to be reborn again when they accumulate enough blessings and complete the task.

Ám ảnh 'thế giới Kuman Thong' - cảnh báo thứ bùa chú bí ẩn và rùng ...

If you raise Kumanthong and teach them well, Kumanthong will help you as its benefactors to complete the things you wish you had and haven’t done. However, many employers have evil minds, teaching the Kumanthong to do evil deeds to do things against conscience to serve their own purposes. Now Kumanthong will become an extremely cruel and dangerous doll.

At first, if you raise Kumanthong and recruit it well, it will help you to do business smoothly and health as desired. However, the more pampered it gets, the more it gets water.If one day you don’t give in to it, or you criticize it, it will rage and sabotage you. There are many people who have to cut blood to suck it.

How to kill Kumanthong?

It is not easy to destroy Kumanthong, it is not an ordinary doll you can throw it or burn it away … because you take it wherever it goes it also finds its way back to your home.

Mặt tối của búp bê ma Thái Lan - Kumanthong Lukthep

So if you want to get rid of Kumanthong then you have to take it to the temple to ask the monks for help. When you go to the temple you should bring lots of clothes, candies, sweets .. for him and tell the monk that you don’t want to raise him anymore. The monk will accept them and offer them to those who need to raise Kumanthong.

However, if the teacher offers a period of time and no one adopts, you have to pay the monk a sum of money for the monk to take care of Kumanthong on your behalf.