What is Kumanthong? How was the Kumathong doll created? (Part 1)

What is kuman thong? Where does Kumanthong doll come from, is it dangerous to use Kumanthong? Should we keep buds with kumanthong?

Many of the questions that you are asking have no answers. Join us to learn about Kuman thong.

What is Kumanthong?

Kuman thong in Thai is written as กุมาร ทอง. Kumanthong is a kind of Thai talisman, appearing in Thailand, was created by monks at the Thai temple to save the souls of abortion babies and premature babies.

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Where does Kumanthong come from?

The monks of the Golden Temple country of Thailand understand that poor innocent children who die do not reincarnate into a decent place. So they used their spells and mantras to put the babies and the little creatures into a shelter so they could live on. Those are the Kumanthong dolls where the “Golden Boy” and “Little Devil” reside.

What types of Kumanthong are there?

There are 2 types of Kumanthong: White Kumanthong and Black Kumanthong:

+ Kumanthong white magic: Made up of benign ingredients such as flowers, grass, precious herbs, temple land, spiritual forest land, relics, … Use the charms, mantras in the Buddha, all white Kumanthong conceived and based on the goodness of the Buddha Dharma.

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+ Kumanthong black magic: Kumanthong black magic can be good or evil depending on the owner of the magician. If the person who practices magic is good, the kumathong will be holy, and the magic teacher with evil intentions, the evil Kumanthong is extremely dangerous. However, most of the black Kumanthong are made from the charms of dead children who do not pass on, from the fetus, the blood of the dead, bones, fat, etc., so those who intend to take these things train almost equally No good intentions.

Kumanthong was created like?

The monks will take the babies’ corpses and use their bones or feathers, hair to form amulets. For babies who are not born or die in the womb, they will be included in the image of the baby lying and sucking on the fake breast. Children ages 2 to 8 are usually standing or sitting, or carrying additional weapons such as bows or spears.