Needle Felting

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Artist Methodology

I achieve my unique figurative characters using the needle felting technique. Each sculpture begins with loose wool fiber. The shapes are built from the inside – out, often beginning with a wire armature, then adding the form and shape, layer by layer. Each face is formed feature by feature, much as one would sculpt in clay, but in this case, fiber is the medium. All the shading and color is achieved with wool fiber. Larger figures are created over a wire armature.

Wet Felt making is one of the oldest textile production methods. Using a process that is not knitted or shrunk in a washing machine, I create these unique fibre art pieces. Each vessel begins with layers of wool fiber, laid out over a form, which are then wetted and massaged and formed into the shapes you see here. After many hours work, the shape is formed and dried. Carving into the finished felt reveals the colors buried within the felt. I further embellish each vessel with hand stitching