What is the meaning of a Matryoshka? (Part 2)

It is not natural for a Matryoshka doll to become a witness to history, a symbol of tourism and culture for a large Russia country.

It is because, inside those little dolls, there are many layers of profound meaning that people and traditional craftsmen of the country of Aries have attached. Now let’s learn about some of the meanings of this beautiful doll.

Meaning of family

We can see the traditional Matryoshka dolls in Russia, always depicting lovely girls with traditional costumes. This is the meaning of praising women, mothers who have always sacrificed themselves for their families, take care of their homes, and children, as a solid support and support for the men in the distant frontlines. peace protection of the country.

In addition, we can also see that the image of large and small dolls interlocking in the order is to talk about the image of a mother giving birth to her children and the children giving birth to their children, just like life. continue to create a strong collective in the community.

The dolls in a set follow the same design theme to refer to the bloodline, the inheritance from the predecessor in the family. From here, we can see the importance of family in Russian culture and uphold the mother’s role in building a family, maintaining the race, always protecting and protecting her children.

The meaning of the relationship in life

Have we ever wondered why the doll in the end is always simple and less decorated, and even the worst? Not only is it too small to be decorated, but the larger ones have more area to embellish, but in those crude lines all have a special meaning of their own.

A Matryoshka doll is like layers of cover of a human’s personality. The outer layer is the most perfect, flashy, the inner layers will gradually lessen the showy look and in the end, it is extremely simple.

Like human psychology, they always show out all their strengths and perfectly beautiful sides. But deep inside they still have flaws, fears, secret things that don’t dare to show.

Or can say this is like a human body. The outer layers are skin, bones, flesh, the ultimate doll is the human heart – the fragile, frail and most in need of protection.

From here we can learn a lesson about relationship in life that is in a relationship. We only see a part of the true personality of a person, no one will naturally show us his true personality if they do not trust us.

So, we have to be patient, take time to learn, give them belief, that way we really understand each other. Always treasure them and don’t hurt them, this will make the new relationship lasting and lasting. What is a Matryoshka? This is a type of doll symbolizing the country of Russia with extremely profound layers expressing the unique cultural and historical traditions of the Russian people from up to now. So, until now this is still a unique symbol to attract tourists in Russia.

What is a Russian Matryoshka?

Referring to the cultural symbol of Russia, in addition to the enchanting Kharavoto “national dance” dance or great works such as Red Square, Basil Shrine, people often mention Matryoshka dolls.

So what is a Russian Matryoshka? Why is it considered a meaningful symbol, symbolizing the culture of people and the beautiful Union country? To find out, please read this article!

Matryoshka Doll (Russian: матрёшка) is also commonly known as Russian Doll or Babushka Doll. In addition, they also have other names such as Nested Dolls, Nesting Dolls, etc. depending on the culture and calling of each region.

What is the meaning of the name of Russian Matryoshka? In Russian, the word “matryoshka” (матрёшка) is an informal term for “Matryona” (Матрёна). This is a proper Russian name for women.

The first wooden dolls were completed by the artist Vasily Petrovich Zvyozdochkin, consisting of 8 children. Each animal has its own image, has different meanings, not the same theme or decoration as the popular dolls today.

Description of a Matryoshka Set

Matryoshka dolls are usually made from aromatic and moisture-resistant woods such as birch wood, poplar wood, sparkling wood. This type of doll is made in a set of wooden dolls from large to small. The smallest doll will be contained in the lap of the doll slightly larger, so in turn until the largest one will contain all the remaining dolls in the set. The number of dolls in a set is usually odd numbers like 5,7,9,11.

Traditionally, a set consists of at least 5 children. In terms of design, a set of dolls will be drawn according to a certain unified theme. There are usually two types of dolls that are painted with girls from childhood to old age or will be a set where the drawings are all girls.

Regardless of the design, most dolls are painted with traditional Russian costumes and beautifully decorated. The doll shape is usually like a vase with a slightly rounded head and an oblong body; Very few protrusions – for example, dolls have no arms, and often artists often do not draw arm shapes on the surface of the doll.

A successful show!

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To me, these events are a little holiday. A chance to just be an artist for a whole day, to be in the company of other artists, with time to talk; it gets the creative juices going. I look at what I’ve brought to offer and ideas come. “Maybe I could try this, or make that.” I have to keep notes, so I can use them for my next show. That will be FiberFest in Almonte this September.
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