The legal battle between dolls and rebel dolls

The legal dispute between the two world famous doll brands involves designers working for both firms.

Barbie is the name and brand of a famous doll announced by Mattel toy corporation in 1959. After Barbie “dominated” the toy market for 42 years, the Bratz dolls line of entertainment group MGA is born.

First appearing on screen in 2001 with a big head, thin body, thick lips, tight shirt and hippi-style jeans, Bratz dolls blew a breath of fresh air into the market for children’s toys. By 2006, Bratz dolls accounted for 40% of the doll market.

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In April 2005, MGA sued Mattel for stealing the “big head, thin body” of Bratz to design a version of My Scene in the Barbie series. Mattel countered by accusing artist Carter Bryant, who designed the dolls for MGA, that he built the idea of ​​a Bratz doll while still working for Mattel. Bryant worked for Mattel in two phases – September 1995 to April 1998 and January 1999 to October 2000. Bryant’s employment contract specifies every Bryant design to be Mattel’s property.

It was not until 2008 that the court heard the case between the two firms. Mattel accused MGA of manipulating Bryant while he was still working for Mattel. MGA’s lawyer said that Bryant created Bratz outside working hours so the labor result belongs to him.

In a July 2008 ruling, the court ordered MGA to pay Mattel $ 100 million because the first generation of Bratz dolls – including four samples of Cloe, Jade, Sasha and Yasmin – were born while Bryant was still working for Mattel. In December 2008, the court forced MGA to stop manufacturing and selling Bratz dolls.

dai chien phap ly giua bup be dai cac va bup be noi loan

MGA appealed and in the appeal court, one judge concluded that Mattel could only claim ownership of the first four Bratz dolls and the next two models, not the whole sample MGA produced.

However, MGA later sued Mattel for stealing trade secrets related to Bratz dolls. In July 2010, the US District 9 Court of Appeals declared that MGA had the right to sell Bratz. On April 21, 2011, the court declared that Mattel stole 26 trade secrets of MGA, so the company had to pay MGA 3.4 million USD, making Mattel total compensation of 88.5 million USD. In addition, Mattel also had to pay the cost of up to 170 million USD.

Bad shopping habits you need to fix right now (part 2)

3. Shopping Because of Boredom

If you have nothing to do on your lunch break, why not pop over to the mall? A free Friday night would be perfect for hitting up shops and restaurants downtown. Sound familiar? If so, you may be treating shopping as a hobby or pastime rather than a necessity. Shopping out of boredom – both in-store and online – can cause you to overspend and purchase items you don’t need, both busting your budget and cluttering your home.

Tips to Fix: Prevent boredom by looking into other free activities you can do when you have a spare hour or two. Catch up on your favorite podcast, go for a run, call up a friend for coffee, or read a book. By having a few alternatives in place, the mall won’t be the only place to turn when you’re bored.

4. Impulse Shopping

We all know impulse shopping is wrong – it causes you to spend outside of your budget. However, stopping yourself from making those buys is easier said than done. When you’re walking past a store and see a jacket you can’t live without, it’s very easy to whip out your credit card and walk out with exactly what you want.

Fast Fix: By knowing what clothing items you already have in your closet and acknowledging what triggers your shopping, you can avoid blowing your budget on unplanned purchases. Check out these tips:

  • Know Your Personal Inventory. By keeping track of what you own, you won’t be swayed by a new pencil skirt when you already have a great one at home.
  • Check Your Triggers. Perhaps you have a specific store that lulls you to buy over and over, or you like making purchases when perusing online auction sites. Identify your triggers and you can work to avoid them.
  • Walk Away. This is the ultimate in impulse-buy prevention. Even if you’re totally in love with something, walk away for a day. If you find yourself still thinking about that item, see where your budget might allow for the purchase before you take the plunge.

Impulse shopping can definitely derail the best-laid budget plans, so be on the lookout for anything that entices you to make an unplanned purchase.

Online sports platform DAZN to become the first global sports streaming platform

Online sports platform DAZN is going to greatly expand as becoming the first global live sports streaming service in the world.

The London-based platform has been already available in nine countries in the world, including the US, Japan, and Canada, where it shows boxing and a lineup of some other sports.

However, it is to launch within the spring in additional 200 territories where it will concentrate solely on boxing, consistent with a press release published on Monday.

The platform will have deals with promotion companies such as wonder boy, which boasts the power of middleweight Mexican counterpuncher Canelo Alvarez.

DAZN also has deals with Matchroom Boxing USA with GGG Promotions, owned by Kazakhstani ex-middleweight champ Gennady Golovkin and two-time unified heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua of England on its books.

The first fight that is going to be available across the markets of DAZN on May 2 will feature the world champion in 4 different weight categories Alvarez, against an announced opponent.

According to a source on the brink of the project, the subscription price is going to be between US$5 and US$15 per month, counting on the market.

DAZN with about 8 million subscribers also has rights to the NFL in Canada and has acquired Champions League football in Germany, starting with the 2021-2022 season.

The company is majority-owned by the US-based multinational industrial group Access Industries, which also controls general sports site Sporting News and football news website

Considered as one of the key growth drivers in streaming, live sports at a world level have faced two key pitfalls thus far.

The first concerns streaming rights, which are usually sold country by country rather than globally.

The second is tied to the necessity for a platform that’s technically capable of supporting many connections to one live event.

Multiple platforms have already experienced failures during the football World Cup – notably the US televised sports giant ESPN and therefore the BBC.

Bad shopping habits you need to fix right now (part 1)

Anyone can make shopping mistakes such as going over the limit on credit card charges. If you have bad shopping habits, your finances might be ruined. However, if you avoid bad shopping habits, you can save your time and money. Here are some bad shopping habits and tips to fix them.

1. Shopping with credit

When you’re shopping with a credit or open-end credit, it’s hard to stay track of a budget. You don’t physically see the cash begin of your wallet, so you lose that reminder that you’re pocket money in the least. Debit cards often have overdraft protection, so spending quite you’d planned may desire no big deal. Credit cards have a limit, but it’s only too easy to inform yourself you’ll pay them off “later.”

Tip to fix: Always shop with cash, and take the precise amount with you that you simply decide to spend. Indulging during a new purse is completely fine once you allow it and pay it off instantly – the old-fashioned way. Once your money is gone, you recognize it’s time to prevent shopping and head home.

2. Storing mastercard info online

It seems such a lot easier to only store mastercard information together with your favorite online retailers instead of having to go away your computer, find your wallet, and input mastercard details for every purchase. But unfortunately, this makes it way too easy to shop for something in only a couple of clicks. Other real risks include the likelihood of hackers breaching those retailers, or losing your phone or laptop and having your information compromised.

Tip to fix: Don’t keep your mastercard information on file for shopping websites. It makes the method too easy, and you’ll be lured into making impulse purchases that don’t always suit your budget. Nowadays, I keep my mastercard information in my wallet, where it belongs.

The best games to be released in 2020 (part 3)

Resident Evil 3

(3 April, PS4, Xbox One, PC)

With the critical and commercial success of the superb Resident Evil 2 remake, it had been only a matter of your time before its follow-up received an equivalent treatment. That it’s coming so soon is both a pleasing surprise and demonstration of Capcom’s confidence.

Cyberpunk 2077

(16 April, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Stadia)

Arguably 2020’s most anticipated computer game, Cyberpunk 2077 is CD Projekt Red’s next project after The Witcher, casting you as an augmented mercenary within the dystopian Night City. Every glimpse of this sprawling sci-fi RPG has wowed the crowds thus far and, with the added bonus of Keanu Reeves living in your head, is about to measure up to the sky-high expectations.

Marvel’s Avengers

(15 May, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Stadia)

Those mourning the top of the Avengers time in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe could find solace in Crystal Dynamics muscular, comic-book inspired adventure. there’s still some confusion over whether the single-player campaign -where our ostracized heroes reband to require on a supervillain threat- or persistent online co-op is about to be the most draw, but expect lavishness and super-powered combat either way.

Wasteland 3

(19 May, PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Brian Fargo and inXile brought post-apocalyptic 1988 classic Wasteland back to life in 2015, revisiting the scorched Earth and tactical combat that helped define a genre including the first Fallout. This point it takes place within the freezing wastelands of Colorado, while an asynchronous multiplayer allows you to team with a lover albeit you’re playing at different times within the day.

Nioh 2

(24 May, PS4)

Team Ninja’s stab at the Dark Souls formula has been widely lauded together of the few to hit the mark with its measured challenge, superb samurai combat and thick atmosphere. Nioh 2 may be a sequel set in 16th century Japan, where you craft your own character able to take an kusarigama to hostile yokai.

The best games to be released in 2020 (part 2)

Iron Man VR

(28 February, PSVR)

Surely the prospect to become Tony Stark and strap on the Iron Man suit may be a computer game gimme? A retired Stark is forced to travel up against long-time Iron Man antagonist Ghost, scorching through the skies while holding your hands out and shouting ‘pew pew!’

Final Fantasy VII Remake

(3 March, PS4)

The feverishly anticipated remake of 1 of gaming’s most sacred texts is looking better whenever we see it. Much more than a visible tickle -gorgeous because it is- this version of FFVI has new characters, new locations and a totally revamped combat system. So big developer Square are releasing it in episodes so as to not perform. Or dropping everything during a clumsy demo leak, but the primary episode should be spectacular nonetheless.

Final Fantasy 7

(20 March, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Stadia, Switch)

Id’s heavy metal shooter usually pitches you into hell to blast chunks out of demons during a giddy, bullet-fuelled ballet. This point hell involves Earth, meaning its time to, you guessed it, blast chunks out of demons during a giddy, bullet-fuelled ballet. A desecrated home turf and new foes should up the variability but if it are often as deliciously thrilling as its predecessors then we are certain a bloody treat.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

(20 March, Switch)

The highly anticipated return of Nintendo’s life-simulation arrives on Switch this year, once more tasking you with build up your own bucolic village and being constantly harassed by a cash-hungry raccoon. Tom Nook notwithstanding, New Horizons looks a pleasant escape with new crafting and native and online co-op play.

Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life: Alyx

(March TBC, Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift/Quest, Windows Mixed Reality)

It’s been almost thirteen years since the last Half-Life game. Thirteen! This computer game spin-off starring Alyx Vance won’t be Half-Life 3, but it’s like an authentic trip into Half-Life’s extraordinary world. Developer Valve has said that this is often not a side-story, but the ‘next chapter’ in Half-Life and reportedly as substantial as Haf-Life 2.

The best games to be released in 2020 (part 1)

We’re officially at the start of 2020 and this year is going to be a big one for exciting game releases with plenty of highly anticipated games. Here is the list of the best games to be released this year.

Journey to the Savage Planet

(28 January, Xbox One, PS4, PC)

The release of Typhoon Studios is a gorgeous space exploration adventure which sees you hopping between planets and slapping aliens about. Although nothing revolutionary there, its vibrant worlds and gleeful sense of humor can set it apart.

Google surely think so, when Journey to the Savage Planet will be released on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, the Silicon Valley giant has been quite impressed to snap up Typhoon in order to make future games under the Stadia banner.

Warcraft 3 Reforged

(28 January, PC)

Warcraft 3, a handsome remastering of Blizzard’s famous fantasy strategy, is a more significant update than the similar Starcraft Remastered. Blizzard will be bringing more modern trimmings while the nub and narrative will remain the same when orcs and humans battle across the fields of Azeroth.

Modern online features. better balance, and improved modding should all make best use of the shiny new look.

Zombie Army 4

(4 February, PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Kneecap Nazi zombies in this glorious Sniper Elite spin-off, teaming up with 3 pals when you vie in order to stop Hitler’s return from hell. Special abilities, big characters, and a horde of undead to blow-up across picturesque Southern Europe.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

(11 February, Xbox One, PC)

The challenging Ori and the Blind Forest thrilled in 2015 and Moon Studios are going to expand on the Metroidvania platform-adventure with the bigger sequel Ori and the Will of the Wisps.


(14 February, PS4)

The extraordinary canvas and creation tool of Media Molecule have been in early access for a while, with its talented players creating spectacular games and works of digital art. And Dreams is now set for an official Valentine’s Day release in order to charm us all.

The Best Outdoor Hobbies That Your Kid Should Learn And Pick Up (part 3)

7. Outdoor sports

What we can do for our toddlers is to “Inception” them into liking a sport. Let’s put up a small hoop with a small football goal while they are still too young to be left alone outside or rubber basketballs for them to play with. When they get older and want to play basketball or football all the time, it will be easier to make them like outdoor sports when the right time comes. They will be going out with their friends everyday shooting hoops or scoring goals on the field and splashing threes like they were Steph or Klay.

8. Photography

Photography might be the easiest hobby that we can get our children to pick up, especially for those at that age where they are already connected emotionally to their phones or gadgets. Their devices have cameras, so invite them to go out and bring it with them. Like a security blanket, they will clutch it tight.

When going out, prepare a game of scavenger hunt, but with a twist. Tell your kids it will be a photo scavenger hunt. Give them a list of things they should photograph, including some require selfies with them, some not. They will surely have fun with it and then shower them with praises at how great their photos look as well as how they can be professional photographers.

9. Gardening

Gardening seems more for adults, really than for kids. But anything to get their hands off that device would be good news. Curious little kids would have a fun day with their parents working in the garden and making a mess of themselves at the same time. Give the older kids something to look forward to, such as a plant that grows fast and bears fruit they can harvest themselves. The satisfaction they can get from growing their own plants and harvesting their own food will be priceless.

The Best Outdoor Hobbies That Your Kid Should Learn And Pick Up (part 2)

4. Skates, board, and roller

Children a little older may find the hula hoops, jump ropes, and Frisbees a little under their age bracket, so let’s have them try a hobby that would challenge them. Skateboards are hip and cool, boys drool over the image of them whipping a skateboard trick in front of their friends.

But safety first, get helmets and pads to avoid bumps and bruises. Girls may find skateboards quite fun, too. But if in case they don’t, we have roller skates for them. And if they want to graduate from roller skates, let’s get them a nice new pair of rollerblades.

5. Nature excursions

If our child doesn’t want to get out of the house, they’re just at home with their gadgets and tech, and we’ve tried to entice them with cool toys for the outdoors without any luck, we don’t give up.

We broaden our horizons and scan the neighborhood for places like creeks, rivers, lakes, hiking trails, and the seaside, areas that are safe for kids to play in. Once we find one, take the necessary preparations then announce to them that you are going on an excursion. Make it a surprise or not, whatever works best for them, then make it such a fun outing for everyone that next weekend they’ll ignore their gadgets and ask to go back there.

6. Biking

We’ve all learned how to ride bikes when we were kids, that’s a fact. But if it isn’t for you, then start learning with your kids. Riding bikes is the first taste of freedom a human being truly experienced, young and carefree, we just pedal on with our friends and let the bikes take us wherever.

We’d ride after school and come back home in time for dinner. Those were the days. Also, biking is a hobby that’s a form of exercise. Start by teaching them to balance, then having a ride with them to build their confidence. A good alternative to bikes is scooters.

The Best Outdoor Hobbies That Your Kid Should Learn And Pick Up (part 1)

The culture that our children are growing up in nowadays is quite different from the seventies and eighties, or even from the nineties. Our definition of having a lot of fun back when we were younger is going outside and playing. But these days making our kids step out of the house and away from the WiFi coverage is starting to become a chore. But there is still a chance, a big one if your kid is still young, to make them want to go out every day. Here are ten great outdoor hobbies to try with them now.

1. Hula Hoop and Playing catch

It may be a good idea to ease them into doing stuff outdoors especially if our kids are really more of the indoorsy kind of child. They’re like vampires, hissing at the sight and feel of the sunlight, so take it slow.

Let’s try activities that require less physical effort and skill. Hula hoop is a good first-time outdoor activity for girls, they kind of have the knack for it. Our boys can try playing catch, not with a baseball and mitt right away, or a frisbee.

2. Use the sky, day or night

Stargazing is an educational and intimate type of a hobby that we can do with kids. Set up a tent outside on a clear star-riddled night, lie down side by side, and start looking at the sky. Teach the kids the common constellations, how to catch a falling star and whisper a quick wish, and just talk about anything under the glimmering stars. In the daytime we can still do it, same scenario but cloud watching this time.

3. Playground fun

Taking walks to the park is a nice pastime and a good way to enjoy fresh air, but let’s try to make it more than that for the kids.

Let’s have them looking forward to a nice afternoon or morning walk that leads to their pot of gold at the end, a nice big playground in the park. It’s a great way to get them off their butts and outside the house, and also an opportunity to make new friends. Playgrounds are made for children, but let’s not let our guard down. Keep a close eye or join them while they play and don’t forget snacks and refreshments.