Folk art on “Japanese dolls”

The earliest Japanese dolls in their form were those in ancient rituals. Through the development period, dolls gradually turn into folk toys.

The Edo period (17-19 century) was the golden age of Japanese dolls, very well-designed dolls, the most famous are Edo dolls, lchimatsu dolls with beautiful faces and glass eyes . Nowadays, Japanese dolls have diversified development such as: lchimatsu dolls, Hakota dolls, clay dolls, dolls simulating characters in Noh or Kabuki plays, etc.

For Japanese people, playing dolls is like enjoying tea, dolls are not only for decoration, but also for being a confidant friend, showing the owner’s affection. Therefore, the doll maker must be able to blow soul into the doll, so that it can contain traditional cultural capital. Therefore, making dolls in Japan is raised to the level of folk art.

To complete a doll, there are usually 20-30 talented craftsmen who are in charge of different stages such as doll head, hair, facial drawing, body, hands, kimono, glass eyes, etc. The time it takes to complete a doll is from months to years. The beautiful dolls are heralds that help the world understand and appreciate the traditional cultural values ​​of this country.

Types of traditional dolls in Japan:

Kokeshi dolls: this is one of the most famous dolls in the land of mourning. Kokeshi dolls include a variety of types, with 11 different types of Kokeshi available to date. Kokeshi includes many shapes, from the shapes of girls to boys and some other shapes such as fairy characters. Many people say that if children play with this doll they will say that protect the house from fire.

Hina doll: This is the doll used in Hinamatsuri. This is the type of doll representing girls.

Teru teru bozu: This is a doll that dates back to the Edo period, and children use it to pray for rain or to pray for sunshine.

Gogatsu doll: a doll for boys. A boy’s Gogatsu doll modeled after Japanese historical figures.

Daruma doll: a doll modeled after Bodhidharma. This doll is a kind of lucky charm for the Japanese people.

Gosho doll: is a doll representing children. These dolls emulate naked boys, and small pieces of clothing.

Musha doll: this is also a doll for boys. This type of doll is usually on display during the boy’s day.

Washi Ningyo doll: this is a doll made of washi paper.

Karakuri doll: half doll, half robot. Often used in tea parties.

Shikishi Ningyo doll: this doll is made from colored cardboard. This doll is crafted quite sophisticatedly and thickly.

Anesama Ningyo doll: this doll is made with a wig, paper dress and no face painting.

Shiori Ningyo doll: this doll is used to bookmark a book page.

Kimekomi doll: made from willow wood and decorated with small pieces of clothing.

Okiagari Koboshi doll: This doll is made from tissue paper. It is considered the thing that brings good luck

Bunraku doll: This type of puppet (or doll) is mainly used in modern theater productions.

Hakata doll: this is the most elaborate doll in Japan. The main image for the artists to do is the young women. Ichimatsu doll: This doll has a special honor, symbolizing the friendship between Japan and America. This doll represents boys or girls. This doll is also called the Friendship Doll.

What is the meaning of a Matryoshka? (Part 2)

It is not natural for a Matryoshka doll to become a witness to history, a symbol of tourism and culture for a large Russia country.

It is because, inside those little dolls, there are many layers of profound meaning that people and traditional craftsmen of the country of Aries have attached. Now let’s learn about some of the meanings of this beautiful doll.

Meaning of family

We can see the traditional Matryoshka dolls in Russia, always depicting lovely girls with traditional costumes. This is the meaning of praising women, mothers who have always sacrificed themselves for their families, take care of their homes, and children, as a solid support and support for the men in the distant frontlines. peace protection of the country.

In addition, we can also see that the image of large and small dolls interlocking in the order is to talk about the image of a mother giving birth to her children and the children giving birth to their children, just like life. continue to create a strong collective in the community.

The dolls in a set follow the same design theme to refer to the bloodline, the inheritance from the predecessor in the family. From here, we can see the importance of family in Russian culture and uphold the mother’s role in building a family, maintaining the race, always protecting and protecting her children.

The meaning of the relationship in life

Have we ever wondered why the doll in the end is always simple and less decorated, and even the worst? Not only is it too small to be decorated, but the larger ones have more area to embellish, but in those crude lines all have a special meaning of their own.

A Matryoshka doll is like layers of cover of a human’s personality. The outer layer is the most perfect, flashy, the inner layers will gradually lessen the showy look and in the end, it is extremely simple.

Like human psychology, they always show out all their strengths and perfectly beautiful sides. But deep inside they still have flaws, fears, secret things that don’t dare to show.

Or can say this is like a human body. The outer layers are skin, bones, flesh, the ultimate doll is the human heart – the fragile, frail and most in need of protection.

From here we can learn a lesson about relationship in life that is in a relationship. We only see a part of the true personality of a person, no one will naturally show us his true personality if they do not trust us.

So, we have to be patient, take time to learn, give them belief, that way we really understand each other. Always treasure them and don’t hurt them, this will make the new relationship lasting and lasting. What is a Matryoshka? This is a type of doll symbolizing the country of Russia with extremely profound layers expressing the unique cultural and historical traditions of the Russian people from up to now. So, until now this is still a unique symbol to attract tourists in Russia.

What is a Russian Matryoshka?

Referring to the cultural symbol of Russia, in addition to the enchanting Kharavoto “national dance” dance or great works such as Red Square, Basil Shrine, people often mention Matryoshka dolls.

So what is a Russian Matryoshka? Why is it considered a meaningful symbol, symbolizing the culture of people and the beautiful Union country? To find out, please read this article!

Matryoshka Doll (Russian: матрёшка) is also commonly known as Russian Doll or Babushka Doll. In addition, they also have other names such as Nested Dolls, Nesting Dolls, etc. depending on the culture and calling of each region.

What is the meaning of the name of Russian Matryoshka? In Russian, the word “matryoshka” (матрёшка) is an informal term for “Matryona” (Матрёна). This is a proper Russian name for women.

The first wooden dolls were completed by the artist Vasily Petrovich Zvyozdochkin, consisting of 8 children. Each animal has its own image, has different meanings, not the same theme or decoration as the popular dolls today.

Description of a Matryoshka Set

Matryoshka dolls are usually made from aromatic and moisture-resistant woods such as birch wood, poplar wood, sparkling wood. This type of doll is made in a set of wooden dolls from large to small. The smallest doll will be contained in the lap of the doll slightly larger, so in turn until the largest one will contain all the remaining dolls in the set. The number of dolls in a set is usually odd numbers like 5,7,9,11.

Traditionally, a set consists of at least 5 children. In terms of design, a set of dolls will be drawn according to a certain unified theme. There are usually two types of dolls that are painted with girls from childhood to old age or will be a set where the drawings are all girls.

Regardless of the design, most dolls are painted with traditional Russian costumes and beautifully decorated. The doll shape is usually like a vase with a slightly rounded head and an oblong body; Very few protrusions – for example, dolls have no arms, and often artists often do not draw arm shapes on the surface of the doll.

Doll village in Japan, where 18 years ago there were no children

Japan’s aging population has left remote mountainous villages like Nagoro without children for the past 18 years. People have to make baby dolls instead.

In the village of Nagoro on the island of Shikoku, Japan , the last child was born here 18 years ago. There are currently only about 20 adults remaining. The village kindergarten closed in 2012, shortly after the last two students graduated from grade 6.

But recently,  Tsukimi Ayano has revived a forgotten elementary school. Ayano, 70, uses more than 40 life-sized, hand-made dolls to display on the school grounds, to recreate village life where there were still children.

“We can no longer see children here,” Ayano told the New York Times. “I wish there were more children here because it would be much more fun. So I created kids.”

The 350 dolls made here are more than the population of the village, about 10 times more. The doll is made of wood, stuffed with paper and donated from old clothes. They were arranged to recreate the scene of the village when it was still crowded. This has been considered a village festival for the past 7 years.

1-year-old Yukito Motokawa to visit her is  Kayoko Motokawa, 67 years old, who lives in Nagoro village. Even decades ago, the population here was only about 300 people. Shikoku is still the smallest and least populated of Japan’s four main islands.

In the years 1950-1960, this area mainly focused on exploiting forests, building roads and dams for hydroelectric plants. After the project was completed, many people left. Those who stayed lived on agriculture.

Now, to get to the nearest supermarket or hospital, residents of Nagoro have to drive an hour along narrow, winding roads. “You have to really enjoy life in the mountains to live here. I think many people will have a hard time,” said T atsuya Matsuura, 38, the youngest resident of Nagoro village.

Dolls are now placed everywhere in the village. An old lady doll looks after a roadside grave. The doll is lying on a wheelchair. The construction worker doll smokes a cigarette and waits at the bus stop. The father doll in the car carrying the kids …

“I don’t think the dolls are scary. I think this is a good way to bring the village back to life,” said Fanny Raynaud, 38, a nurse from France who is traveling in Nagoro.

Ms. Motokawa  said that it’s sad that Nagoro village is now known for its dolls, not because of the people who live there. “If it were real people, then this would be a really happy place,” she said.

What is Kumanthong? How was the Kumathong doll created? (Part 2)

Is raising Kuman thong good?

Kumanthong is actually not bad in nature because the main purpose of the monks to create Kumanthongs is to have a place for the children to take refuge, and a place for the children to be reborn again. So when you are raising Kumanthong it also means that you are doing good deeds. When you raise Kumanthong, you are giving the Kumanthong good karma, doing good deeds to have the opportunity to be reborn again when they accumulate enough blessings and complete the task.

Ám ảnh 'thế giới Kuman Thong' - cảnh báo thứ bùa chú bí ẩn và rùng ...

If you raise Kumanthong and teach them well, Kumanthong will help you as its benefactors to complete the things you wish you had and haven’t done. However, many employers have evil minds, teaching the Kumanthong to do evil deeds to do things against conscience to serve their own purposes. Now Kumanthong will become an extremely cruel and dangerous doll.

At first, if you raise Kumanthong and recruit it well, it will help you to do business smoothly and health as desired. However, the more pampered it gets, the more it gets water.If one day you don’t give in to it, or you criticize it, it will rage and sabotage you. There are many people who have to cut blood to suck it.

How to kill Kumanthong?

It is not easy to destroy Kumanthong, it is not an ordinary doll you can throw it or burn it away … because you take it wherever it goes it also finds its way back to your home.

Mặt tối của búp bê ma Thái Lan - Kumanthong Lukthep

So if you want to get rid of Kumanthong then you have to take it to the temple to ask the monks for help. When you go to the temple you should bring lots of clothes, candies, sweets .. for him and tell the monk that you don’t want to raise him anymore. The monk will accept them and offer them to those who need to raise Kumanthong.

However, if the teacher offers a period of time and no one adopts, you have to pay the monk a sum of money for the monk to take care of Kumanthong on your behalf.

What is Kumanthong? How was the Kumathong doll created? (Part 1)

What is kuman thong? Where does Kumanthong doll come from, is it dangerous to use Kumanthong? Should we keep buds with kumanthong?

Many of the questions that you are asking have no answers. Join us to learn about Kuman thong.

What is Kumanthong?

Kuman thong in Thai is written as กุมาร ทอง. Kumanthong is a kind of Thai talisman, appearing in Thailand, was created by monks at the Thai temple to save the souls of abortion babies and premature babies.

Bí ẩn rợn người về bùa ngải Thái Lan Kumanthong

Where does Kumanthong come from?

The monks of the Golden Temple country of Thailand understand that poor innocent children who die do not reincarnate into a decent place. So they used their spells and mantras to put the babies and the little creatures into a shelter so they could live on. Those are the Kumanthong dolls where the “Golden Boy” and “Little Devil” reside.

What types of Kumanthong are there?

There are 2 types of Kumanthong: White Kumanthong and Black Kumanthong:

+ Kumanthong white magic: Made up of benign ingredients such as flowers, grass, precious herbs, temple land, spiritual forest land, relics, … Use the charms, mantras in the Buddha, all white Kumanthong conceived and based on the goodness of the Buddha Dharma.

Sự thật rợn người về búp bê Kuman Thong - Báo Nghệ An

+ Kumanthong black magic: Kumanthong black magic can be good or evil depending on the owner of the magician. If the person who practices magic is good, the kumathong will be holy, and the magic teacher with evil intentions, the evil Kumanthong is extremely dangerous. However, most of the black Kumanthong are made from the charms of dead children who do not pass on, from the fetus, the blood of the dead, bones, fat, etc., so those who intend to take these things train almost equally No good intentions.

Kumanthong was created like?

The monks will take the babies’ corpses and use their bones or feathers, hair to form amulets. For babies who are not born or die in the womb, they will be included in the image of the baby lying and sucking on the fake breast. Children ages 2 to 8 are usually standing or sitting, or carrying additional weapons such as bows or spears.

Top 5 cutest and most beautiful doll toys (Part 3)

Baby alive dolls

Baby Alive is a line of doll toys for impersonating games by Hasbro, one of the world’s largest toy manufacturing companies based in the US. Hasbro is a toy manufacturing company founded in 1923 by brothers Henry and Helal Hassenfeld in the US, currently own famous brands such as Play Doh, G.I.Joe, Tranformers, Strawberry Shotcake…. Baby Alive is a line of dolls and accessories that allow children to learn, explore and practice real-life tasks and dolls such as nursing, changing diapers, brushing teeth, caring for sick children, take care of scratched babies, … GlassDigital Co., Ltd. ( currently distributes genuine products of Baby Alive.

Baby Alive brings love and joy to girls through realistic experience of love, anxiety, and care during doll care in various role-playing situations. Babies will grow up a lot by playing this wonderful line of baby-playing baby toys.

Winx Dolls

The Winx Club (Beautiful Winx fairies or Magical princess or Beautiful Winx fairies) is an Italian animated series created in 2004 by Iginio Straffi and produced by Rainbow Srl. statues of children aged 6 to 14 years old. It is considered a film shock, creating great success and contributing to the Italian cinema and animation industry on the international arena.

Winx Dolls are a great gift for the little princesses of your family when designing lovely fairies in striking outfits. It could be a short-haired fairy in a unique rainbow dress, a red-haired fairy with graceful multi-layered lace skirts, a blonde fairy with a cute pink princess dress, a brown-skinned fairy with a modern blue skirt. or the beautiful braided blue-haired fairy. The fairies put on colorful wings, adding a branch of vines on their unique legs that will make your baby passionate about exploring.

Winx Doll is made of high quality plastic materials, durable and does not contain BPA, so it is safe for your baby’s health. Doll’s clothes are made of durable fabric that does not irritate the skin so it is safe for your baby’s health.

Babies can play as relatives to care for Doll from clothes, shoes to hair so that the doll is always beautiful and neat as babies. Thereby, the baby will become more skillful. Children can also share dolls with sad and happy stories in life to be comfortable and happy every day.

Top 5 cutest and most beautiful doll toys (Part 2)

Licca dolls

Licca-chan, full name Licca Kayama is one of the most popular dressing changing dolls in Japan, introduced on July 4, 1967, which resembles a series of Barbie dolls in the United States. The body of this doll tends to be Japanese-style.

Licca dolls are very lovely fashion dolls of Takara Tomy firm (Japan). Unlike American Barbie dolls, who are known for their “hot” body shape, Licca dolls are world famous for their pure Asian face beauty, with wide, hairy eyes. long lashes, fine lips and delicate features. Licca babies are also made of high quality rubber, so they can flex the joints or look very soft and real.

Some Licca doll products are applied advanced technology, which helps the baby to curl or color hair simply by heat, without using chemicals, so it is very safe for babies. The Bup be Licca hairdressing dolls or hair color change dolls are also the most popular ones.

Licca products include lovely doll characters for girls accompanied by a diverse operating environment such as homes, utensils, fashion costumes for dolls, … creating sentences. wonderful story for a world in which everything is fine.

Elsa / Anna dolls

Elsa is the main character in the animated film Frozen. She is the queen of the beautiful Arendelle kingdom, carrying a calm, discreet, elegant and regal manner. But ever since her icy power almost harmed Anna, the queen Elsa led to becoming cold and decided to stay away from everyone. But in the end, thanks to Anna’s sincere and intense love for her sister, Elsa gained control of her power and returned to being the queen of Arendelle.

Design images of frozen Elsa with beautiful blonde hair. Elsa Doll is dressed in a beautiful blue princess dress that will make her love to explore. 30cm tall doll is quite compact, convenient for children to play with when going away, traveling.

Anna is the younger sister of Elsa and the second princess of the beautiful Arendelle kingdom. After Elsa accidentally submerged the Arendelle kingdom in the winter, Anna was determined to bring Elsa back to Arendelle, end the winter and heal the affection of the two sisters. And Anna decided to sacrifice herself, accepted to be petrified to save Elsa’s sister, it was this sacrifice that helped Elsa awaken and save Anna’s life.

Image design Anna, the beautiful princess and the sister of Elsa’s ice queen. Anna has long brown hair tied in a braid. Accompanied by a beautiful prom dress that makes the doll shine and be more beautiful.

These are the two characters that are extremely popular with girls and look forward to having such a cute doll to be friends with.

Your baby can learn the story of Elsa / Anna and play a close friend to discover fascinating details of the story with her. Thereby, the baby will promote imagination and creativity. Babies can also share dolls with sad and happy stories in daily life to always be happy and love life more.

Top 5 cutest and most beautiful doll toys (Part 1)

Girls are often fascinated by the cute looks of toys such as stuffed animals, kitchen toys but most especially, she is a beautiful, cute doll. So buying a doll is the first choice of mothers for their little princess.

Doll is not only a favorite toy of children but it has a great effect in stimulating vision, aesthetics and also the most effective educational tool for girls.

Búp bê Barbie

Great benefits for babies playing dolls

• A companion for dreams: Dolls will confide and share with the baby in the first years of life. Children will easily evoke their own small dreams and desires, which is the basis for fulfilling their dreams later.

• Nurture your baby’s feelings: the affection and care of your baby will help them learn how to care, share, give in and love people and everything.

• Building personality: There is no more effective way to close the baby’s personality from an early age with dolls, from how to behave, how to play, how to prepare, how to handle situations when playing dolls … moms will easily recognize the shortcomings of the baby to constantly train, shape and shape the future personality of the baby

• Enhance communication: Most babies are shy, timid, afraid to communicate with people, so dolls will be the place to help improve this ability when confidence and bravery have been trained. Many times when playing dolls.

So where are the cute doll toys, cute girls are most popular today?

Barbie doll

Barbie is a fashion doll, produced by America’s Mattel Corporation. The product was first displayed on March 9, 1959 at the American International Toy Fair in New York. Since then, Barbie has become a best-selling toy in history and breaks the notion that “dolls are for girls only”.

Barbie is also representing the doll brand and Mattel’s accompanying product as family members and collectible dolls. For more than 50 years, Barbie has been an important component of the fashion doll market, and has been the subject of countless debates and litigations concerning the reproduction of models, brands and even the life of Barbie. .

Barbie has had a significant influence on social values ​​through the transmission of female independence and with many accessories, an ideal high-end lifestyle that can be seen in friends.

Barbie has enriched the world toy business through the introduction of additional related products (accessories, clothes, friends of Barbie …).

Japanese make big dolls like real to reduce loneliness

A woman made dolls like her relatives and neighbours have died and now the doll is 10 times more than the residents in the village.

The photos were taken by photographer Trevor Mogg, 49 (English) recently when travelling through the village of Nagora, east of Shikoku (Japan).

Nagoro Village currently has 37 elderly people. During his tour, photographer Trevor Mogg saw about 150 dolls, out of at least 350 scattered in the village.

They were everywhere she sees, including the bus stop, in front of the house, on the road, in public areas, fields, parking lots, as if they were engaged in all life activities, Trevor told The Sun.

Những con búp bê ở khắp mọi nơi trong làng. Ảnh: Trevor Mogg.

The dolls were created by 65-year-old Tsukimi Ayano, one of the youngest residents of Nagoro village. In 2000, she left Osaka to take care of her father. Seeing that the place was too dull and lonely, Tsukimi began making dolls in an optimistic effort to help the “crowded” population.

“The village didn’t have a young man, meaning the local school was closed six years ago because there were no children”, the photographer Trevor added.

Một con búp bê cô đơn tựa cột. Ảnh: Trevor Mogg.

The replacement dolls in Nagoro village are miniature models of Japanese society with a serious decline in fertility. Japan’s population has gradually decreased, currently about 127 million. It is estimated that this number will be reduced to less than 100 million in the next 35 years.

Cities in Japan have implemented policies to encourage fertility, as well as to attract young people. Recently, the Japanese Prime Minister issued a policy to open 340,000 workers in the next 5 years to this country, in order to cope with the shortage of manpower. Rethink Tokyo also statistics that in 2013, there were 8.2 million abandoned houses in the whole of Japan and many prefectures were giving free houses to people.