Edwina Sutherland
Figurative Artist

So who is Edwina Sutherland anyway? Well, a picture tells you one thing: I have curly hair and a big smile.

I love creating art, using textiles as my medium. My career has been spent drowning in fabric, creating historic reproduction costumes for historic sites and museums. That means people wear my stuff and pretend to be living in another era.

In between that, I started making little figures in costume and other fantasy outfits. Call them art dolls, dolls, figurative art. They tell stories to each person who looks at them. I talk about them on my blog and in my monthly newsletter, where I also ponder creativity. See the box on the left marked “FREEBIES?” well, you can sign up there!

I am always experimenting with new techniques, love making things with wool, which usually means needle felting or wet felting. I have done the knitted and shrunk in the washer kind of thing, but I don’t call that felting. Technically, it’s fulling.

But I digress. I love to share what I am creating and selling, whether it be a pattern to make one of my figures or supplies to have a go yourself, or letting you know which dolls are listed for sale on my Etsy store : “Not Carved In Stone.” I also love to teach and offer workshops and tutorials through his site and others.

I love to share. I do that through the blog, which keeps you up to date with what’s sewing on at the studio. And yes, I have a studio. What a lucky person I am!! Space in which to create. Well, some of my costumes do take up a lot of space!

So enjoy what I share with you, as I enjoy the sharing. I love your comments and feedback.

What else am I interested in? I am fascinated with Steampunk and things with holes in them, like lotus pods. I have to stroke anything soft, love dogs and chocolate, of course!

Canadian Doll Artists Association member since it began in 1999

2004- 2006 President of All Dolled Up, our Ottawa cloth doll club. They are a wild bunch of creative women and a big support to me.

A member of the West End Studio Tour in Ottawa since 2005


2011: Artistic Figures In Cloth Steampunk challenge, 1st place for “Dr Contraption.”
2005: Canadian Doll Artists Association (CDAA) competition, 3rd place for “The Unbearable Lightness of Being… A Fire Goddess” and “Old Fairies Never Die, They Just Get Busy, Dusting The Daisies.”
2004: Canadian Doll Artists Association (CDAA) competition, 3rd place for “The Young Embroiderer” and “Curly McWooly”
2003: CDAA competition, 2nd place , for “Cheap Sunglasses”
2002: CDAA competition, 1st place, for “A Day Off”
2001: CDAA competition, 1st place for “Serenity Angel”


Aug 2010 Stone School Gallery, Portage Du Fort, Quebec; Exhibition “Once Upon A Time”
Aug 2010 “Not Craved In Stone” featured in 1000 Artisan Textiles
Sept 2009 Article in Quilting Arts Gifts special issue
May 2009 Artist in Residence at the Ottawa Valley Quilt Guild Show
Nov 2008 Featured in “Creative Cloth Explorations: Adventures in Fairy-Inspired Fiber Art”
Nov 2008 Inside Story 2” featured in Soft Dolls & Animals
Sept 2008 Inside Story 1” featured in Soft Dolls & Animals
Dec 2007 “Felted Santa” featured in A Needle Pulling Thread
Mar 2007 &#xRibbons Fairy” pattern featured in Soft Dolls & Animals
Sept 2006 Best of Soft Dolls & Animals book
Mar 2006 Fire Goddess” featured in Art Doll Quarterly
Jan 2006 “Dylan” design featured in Soft Dolls & Animals
Dec 2005 “Dylan” design featured in Soft Dolls & Animals
Nov 2005 “Emmeline” featured in Soft Dolls & Animals
Oct 2005 “Fire Goddess” featured in Doll Crafter
Aug 2005 “Fire Goddess” featured article in Dolls United
May 2004 CJOH TV featured on “Regional Contact”
May 2004, “Long John McWooly” in Soft Dolls & Animals
April 2004 OSCAR newspaper, “featured artist” article
Dec 2003 Featured in the “Fresh Faces” section of Dolls
Dec 2003 “Cheap Sunglasses” in Soft Dolls & Animals
Mar 2003 “Flame and Ember” pattern in Soft Dolls and Animals
July 2003 “Cheap Sunglasses” in Canadian Creations