The Best Outdoor Hobbies That Your Kid Should Learn And Pick Up (part 1)

The culture that our children are growing up in nowadays is quite different from the seventies and eighties, or even from the nineties. Our definition of having a lot of fun back when we were younger is going outside and playing. But these days making our kids step out of the house and away from the WiFi coverage is starting to become a chore. But there is still a chance, a big one if your kid is still young, to make them want to go out every day. Here are ten great outdoor hobbies to try with them now.

1. Hula Hoop and Playing catch

It may be a good idea to ease them into doing stuff outdoors especially if our kids are really more of the indoorsy kind of child. They’re like vampires, hissing at the sight and feel of the sunlight, so take it slow.

Let’s try activities that require less physical effort and skill. Hula hoop is a good first-time outdoor activity for girls, they kind of have the knack for it. Our boys can try playing catch, not with a baseball and mitt right away, or a frisbee.

2. Use the sky, day or night

Stargazing is an educational and intimate type of a hobby that we can do with kids. Set up a tent outside on a clear star-riddled night, lie down side by side, and start looking at the sky. Teach the kids the common constellations, how to catch a falling star and whisper a quick wish, and just talk about anything under the glimmering stars. In the daytime we can still do it, same scenario but cloud watching this time.

3. Playground fun

Taking walks to the park is a nice pastime and a good way to enjoy fresh air, but let’s try to make it more than that for the kids.

Let’s have them looking forward to a nice afternoon or morning walk that leads to their pot of gold at the end, a nice big playground in the park. It’s a great way to get them off their butts and outside the house, and also an opportunity to make new friends. Playgrounds are made for children, but let’s not let our guard down. Keep a close eye or join them while they play and don’t forget snacks and refreshments.

Is tennis a perfect hobby for you?

One of the best things about tennis is that you only really need to find one other person to have a great time, but it may be worth having a lesson or two.

Unless you are playing doubles, tennis can mean spending the entire match talking to yourself, usually congratulating, berating, or coaching yourself.

If you like a bit of healthy competition, tennis is for you.

The duration of the match can significantly vary, requiring you to display both mental and physical stamina over an unpredictable amount of time.

Benefits of tennis:

  • Tennis is considered as a high-intensity exercise, so it increases your cardiovascular fitness.
  • Leg and buttock strength: the day after a game, you will feel the burn from lunging for the ball.
  • All the twists and turns will improve your strength and flexibility in the back and abdomen.
  • Thinking strategically to play to your strengths as well as to your opponent’s weakness means you will also keep your brain sharp as a tack.
  • You can play tennis all year round, with many clubs that offer night-time and weekend sessions.

Equipment needed for tennis:

  • You will need a tennis racquet and balls.
  • A pair of trainers should get you comfortably around the court but you can purchase shoes that are specifically designed for tennis if you wish.
  • If you prefer to play socially, you will be up for court hire fees. If you join a club, court hire fees are usually either covered or discounted.
  • Professional lessons fees are extra and not usually covered by club membership fees.

Common tennis injuries:

  • There is a reason for the injury termed ‘tennis elbow‘. Pain can result in the elbow joint because of extensive use of the wrists as swinging the racquet, which can damage tendons.
  • Achilles and Calf tendon injuries are also common because of sudden changes in pace and direction.
  • Injuries to the tendons and muscles in the rotator cuff – the group of tissues that stabilize the shoulder and help it move.
  • Back pain is also common because of arching and producing a powerful swing to hit the ball.